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Disk Shield

Disk Shield

A product made for the disk drive to find error’s and cleanup and defragment the disk. This product is
from One Soft Solution, Disk Shield will optimize disk
and find the problem in it and repair the disk.Our support team
always help you and in future see more product’s that will
optimize your PC.

Reg Shield

Reg Shield

Reg Shield is the product for Window Registry. The registry is an important part of a computer that’s why One Soft Solution made Reg Shield product it help’s to remove invalid registry file and help your computer to be secure from registry errors and make your computer more faster than ever before. It has been trusted by many users thus given it a trust mark and One Soft Solution want their user to be satisfied.

Password Redemption

Password Redemption

password redemption is the best password manager you will see
it will help you in remembering every password having hassle remembering your
password keep forgetting your password we have one solution for your problems
password redemption from One Soft Solution it kept all your password at
one place.

The One Soft Solution!

Global Utility Product.

We believe in user satisfaction our product is build
to optimize computer no matter what the problem is our product is

capable to fix the problem. Our team which works on to build a good product, so that user should not worry about the problem
our support
team is always helpful weather day or night they will always help you and you can believe that there is an organization in
market whom you can trust. If you face any problem email us at


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